Mission and vision

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Mission and vision

MissionThe 1VALUE Innovation Lab aims to create (open and free) value-integer solutions in a similar fashion as nature applies value in ecosystems: free from debt, interest application, rights, obligations, claims and liabilities.


Nature does not apply the concepts of debt, interest, rights, obligations, claims and liabilities as these concepts create asymmetric propositions and affect the sustainability and circulairty of (eco)systems.

The 1VALUE Innovation Lab provides materials, documentation and simulators to become conscious or aware of the adverse side effects of these applied concepts.

More importantly, it creates open propositions, good practices, industry standards and (infra)structure with value-integer solutions.

The 1VALUE Innovation Lab can provide an environment for organisations to work together (in pre-competitive settings) on the creation of value-integer solutions and standards, in financial products, markets, transactions, currencies and currency systems.

Value-integer products outperform products without value-integrity in the longer run. Yet, economies of scale and interoperability challenges are critical hurdles to overcome. The 1VALUE Innovation Lab assists in tackling these hurdles and provides assisted guidance in collaborative efforts.