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THE 1VALUE Innovation Lab is under formation

Preparations to launch are made with founding partners

Areas of open innovation

Debt free transactionsThe building up of debt or uncovered positions around entities could result in positions that cannot clear and settle. The inability to clear and settle can have serious contagious ripple effects in hyperconnected, interdependent and / or decentralised networks. Debt free transactions (facilitated by the simultaneous clearing and settlement of virtualised money and virtualised goods and services and avoidance of leverage) can protect decentralised systems from such systemic risks.

Debt free financeActive and passive equity are two complementary asset classes that can provide an alternative for debt and substitute debt finance. Systemically, active and passive equity can facilitate decentralised network stability and provide better risk-return propositions than traditional equity and debt finance.

Debt (and interest) free moneyMoney that is no longer dependent on debt creation or interest application can be cleared and settled in real time in decentralised transactions without running counterparty risks. Moreover, interest-free money is no longer subject to long term inflationary trends.

Automated taxationComplete fiscal systems that can operate in international decentralised systems with real time tax clearing and settlements.

Ability based legal systems with real time enforcementIn decentralised systems (with the use of smart contracts), rights and obligations cannot be cleared and settled in real time. Moreover, decentralised networks cannot roll back transactions because of systemic interdependencies. Legal clearing and settlement in decentralised networks requires different legal systems that are (in)ability based with legal risk pricing and insurance instead.